We specialise in Flexographic printing, an Industry recognised process used to print packaging materials. This process is suitable for printing on various substrates including different grades of plastic films, foil and paper.

Over the last 10 to 15 years, Flexography has developed in sophistication for the reproduction of the printed image. Advances in the quality of flexographic printing presses, the improved technology in the manufacture of printing plates and printing inks have been opportunities that J&P Flexographics have embraced to ensure exceptional print reproduction.

Our printing department houses machinery that is state of the art print technology and we utilise plates incorporating conventional printing plate to the latest digital-manufacturing process.

With the press capability of up to 8-colours, including the option for matt or gloss over-lacquers to enhance your design, we can transition all designs – simple line work to complex art with photography – from concept to multiples of consistent quality printed images.

We go to new heights to be flexible