Bakery is a key market segment we support at J&P Flexographics – from cakes to pies and sausage rolls, our flexible wraps cover a wide range of baked goods.

J&P Flexographics offer microperforated film for use in microwave and “bake in the oven” applications.

Films most commonly used in this application are HS PET films.  This can be for fast food or café outlets and convenience stores as well as “in the home” cooking environments.

Major product groups for the use of this perforated film are:

  • Pies
  • Pasties
  • Sausage rolls
  • Sweet or savoury filled pastries
  • Baked Snack/Convenience foods
  • Pre-prepared food items for Weight Management and Menu Plan programs

In addition to the items above, J&P Flexographics also supply an extensive range of wraps for cakes and biscuits. As with all of our packaging options we produce, these are custom-made specifically for the cake and biscuit varieties to be packed.

  • Wrapped cakes (all types – plain, fruit, iced) with or without a tray.
  • Individual cake slices.
  • Other Various sweet baked items – muffins, brownies, slices – individual or multi-pack configuration.
  • Biscuits in drop-fill bags or wrapped trays.
  • Portion control biscuit packs including multi-pack options.

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