Snack Foods have become a key part of the modern diet.

Key elements that have emerged as important to the consumer for snack food packaging are:

  • Portion control packs.
  • Easily transportable packs for:
    • Lunch boxes,
    • Eating in the car,
    • Late night snacks,
    • People on the move,
    • Airline snacks.
  • Family share packs.

As with confectionery, this market segment needs to have high visibility shelf appeal, while being ever mindful of the packaging integrity and shelf life of the product. Some snack foods have ingredients that require extra protection to keep them fresh. We have been through exhaustive reviews to bring to this market barrier films that stand up to the rigors that these products, our customers and the consumer demand.

Whether you are snacking on pop-corn, chips, muesli bars, protein bars or balls, nuts or dried fruit, product freshness is paramount.

We go to new heights to be flexible