Australians have embraced the ever-growing café culture of drinking a variety of tea and coffee whether it be out and about or enjoying quality tea and coffee at home.

For this rapidly growing market J&P Flexographics has invested in developing technology to enable the delivery of high-end films that protect the integrity of the product, and provide excellent shelf life and presentation. Freshness and taste are key for the discerning tea and coffee drinker.

J&P specialises in producing high barrier films such as Foil/PET laminates. These films are ideal for coffee packaging, maintaining freshness and seal integrity for vacuum packed products. Further the look and feel of these substrates produce high quality presentation and shelf appeal to the consumer, particularly when used for stand-up pouches and doy packs, which are ever popular for coffee packaging.

Tea packaging has its own special requirements. J&P has researched suitable laminates for this application. By utilising solvent-free lamination technology, this eliminates the risk of tainting the smell and flavour of the tea product. Whether it be for an individual tea bag or a pack of loose leaf tea, we focus on safeguarding flavour and freshness.

Anyone for a coffee? We welcome you to visit us for a cuppa to discuss your packaging needs.

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